Depending on your background and experience, you will support the consulting team of Lizana & Company as a Fellow, Young Professional or Professional. Our core team commands years of experience in a leading management consultancy in Asia. Seasoned consultants, practised industry professionals and ambitious young consultants are completing the team.

As a future top-management consultant, you have a keen interest in business consulting and economic developments in Asia in general. You are a quick learner and able to develop structured and complete solutions. You have strong analytical thinking and are focusing on the most important issues when developing concepts and solutions; always keeping the big picture in mind.

Given your intercultural capabilities and strong language skills you are able to integrate quickly into our local consulting teams and communicate effectively with colleagues and clients alike. You are a leader and do not shy away from responsibility. Working independently or in teams, tight deadlines and long-working hours do not trouble you.

Expectations are very high. However, no matter in what capacity you join us, Fellow, Young Professional or Professional, you are an integral part of our young boutique consultancy from the very beginning. Your dedication and contributions will largely shape your own personal career development, but also drive the growth story of Lizana & Company as a whole.