Level of project support is aligned with requirements of our clients

Level of project support is aligned with requirements of our clients

The actual level of involvement of Lizana & Company will be defined together with our clients and depends on the scope of the change programme. We follow the principle »Internal competencies are complemented with external know-how« – and not the other way around.

External resources can be reduced when working together and clearly allocating roles and responsibilities within the project team. At the same time, involving clients in developing solutions will also help in gaining quicker acceptance for change measures, thus fast-tracking the overall implementation process.

We are striving to establish the best possible “fit” by matching our service offering with your requirements. Our services are modular and can be divided into three categories with different levels of involvement and roles of Lizana & Company:


Lizana & Company takes on entire tasks, project modules or sub-projects from the collection and assessment of data to the final delivery of documentation, calling for a decision from management.


Lizana & Company supports the project work by providing methodologies/instruments while acting as a “Sparrings-Partner” to management. Project work is executed by consulting teams dedicated to our clients.


Lizana & Company focuses on the controlling of the project progress. This role usually starts after signing-off of the project plan and entails the controlling and reporting of the project status.

To warrant the successful implementation of change programmes, we also offer Coaching Support for management staff involved in the progress. We also have capabilities to assume responsibility for the management and steering of selected/all corporate functions over a period of time (Interim Management).