When expanding their operations into international markets, companies are facing an ever more dynamic market environment. For years, we have supported and followed medium-sized companies and large conglomerates in their quest for international expansion, especially in Asia.

Not all of them are pursuing the same ways or advancing at similar rates. The spectrum ranges from limited sales and business development activities through export sales and external agencies, to well-developed sales networks and manufacturing set-ups, and the complete relocation of an organisation’s value chain. In some instances this would even include the partial relocation of Research & Development activities.

  • 1
    Market entry
    1- First expansion into Asia, export sales and small number of sales offices
  • 2
    Sales + Production
    Partial localisation
    2 - Existing Asian sales network backed by regional production capacities
  • 3
    Sales + Production + R&D
    Full localisation
    3 - Regional sales + production, including R&D setup for Asian market
  • ...
Involvement In Asia
Expansion stages in Asia
Most medium-sized companies are operating a network of sales offices (and production sites)

Possible challenges vary from situation-to-situation and so do support requirements. That is why we are taking a very focused approach and concentrate on the key functions in the centre of attention during the international expansion of our clients:

  • … Sales management,
  • … Manufacturing/Supply Chain management,
  • … Procurement management and
  • … Shared Services (e.g. controlling, logistics)

We have accumulated significant project experience in optimising each individual function within the overall strategic framework of organisations. We leverage our exposure and knowledge of years of successful project execution in Asia when extending our services to clients.

Core Competencies
  • Sales management
  • Supply chain management
  • Procurement management
  • Shared services
  • Strategy
  • Processes
  • Structures
  • Steering
  • Organic growth
  • M&A / PMI
  • Industrial goods
  • Automotive
  • Process industries
  • Consumer goods
Focus industries
Organizational foundation for growth in Asia Pacific

Our experience and background allows us to support organisations of diverse sizes, industries and development stages in Asia. There is no “one size fits all solution” for successful expansion strategies. Strategies have to be aligned to prevailing market- and customer requirements while keeping a close tap on organisations’ level of development, propensity to change and available resources in the region.